Women Are Working Longer Hours, Doing More at Home (Men -Not So Much)

In the mood to feel RESENTFUL this morning?  Well here you go . . .

A new study found that women are working themselves like crazy while men . . . well . . . uh . . . let’s look at the numbers.

The study found women who have full time jobs worked an average of seven hours and 20 minutes a day last year . . . that’s the longest they’ve worked since the study started in 2003.

Men worked seven hours and 54 minutes . . . which is the shortest average work day for them since the 2008 recession.

But . . . women are also doing 30 more minutes of household chores a day than men.  And men spend 49 more minutes per day on leisure and relaxing than women do.

Quick aside – can we also discuss how we STILL make way less than men? Hmmmmm….

(New York Post)