The Celeb Web

Our favorite entertainers and celebrities are busy these days.  Good thing they leave nothing back on social media.  Here’s what they’re up to today…


1.  BEYONCÉ’s “Vogue” cover from last year is being added to the Smithsonian’s National Portrait Gallery.  Not necessarily because of Beyoncé, but because it was the first cover to be shot by a black photographer.


2.  JASON MOMOA is using his “dad bod” to protest the building of an observatory on a sacred mountain in Hawaii.


3.  Sun’s out, so guess what GABRIELLE UNION brought out?


4.  Model KARLIE KLOSS dropped her credit card in the toilet.  On the bright side, it’s one of the cleanest public toilets I’ve ever seen.

5.  KENDRICK NORTON’s brief NFL career was cut short when he lost most of his left arm in a car accident last month.  But as this video shows, he’s handling it like a champ.

6.  You’ve probably heard there’s going to be a “Home Alone” reboot.  Well, here’s what it’ll look like, if MACAULAY CULKINhas his way.